“Raleigh City Cemeteries Preservation Inc. is a good idea at a good time, well worth public and private support. With more people living and working downtown, well-maintained and intelligently preserved cemeteries offer a green respite to strollers, and an outdoor history lesson for all who read the stories on the stones.”  – News and Observer, 2007

 “[RCCP] believes these cemeteries should serve as revered monuments, befitting the capital city and honoring the history they hold. In less than two years, they’ve accomplished a lot, securing the state’s nomination for City Cemetery to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places, creating a Geographic Information Systems map of City Cemetery, and developing a database of the three cemeteries.” – Metro Magazine, December 2008

“Raleigh’s historic cemeteries have come alive through the tender care of Raleigh City Cemeteries Preservation Inc. This group of dedicated historians and preservationists are protecting and celebrating the memory of the white and black individuals who created our city during the past two centuries.” – M. Ruth Little, PhD, Historian


Fred Fletcher Award- Outstanding Financial Contributor, 2019- City of Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh Award- Historic Preservation, City Cemetery, 2018, City of Raleigh Appearance Commission

Minette C. Duffy Landscape Preservation Award, 2013 – Preservation North Carolina