Anna Julia Cooper Feast Day

St Ambrose Church

Members of St. Ambrose church met at the grave marker of Anna Julia Cooper in City Cemetery in Raleigh on Feb. 22. The Feast Day observance was followed by Eucharist at St. Ambrose Church.

Dr. Cooper was born an enslaved person in Raleigh, attended St. Augustine’s University, became the fourth black American woman to receive her PhD, and she was an education reformer. She died at age 105 in 1964. The US Postal Service commemorated a stamp in her honor.

Pictured above (left to right), the Rev Joyce Cunningham, Mrs. Donna Haywood, Mrs. Pat Johnson, Mrs. Edna Rich-Ballentine, Mrs. Enid Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Bowman, The Rev. Jemonde Taylor.

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