As a non-profit 501(c)( 3) friends group to the City of Raleigh, our goals include:

  • Work Plan — We work with the City of Raleigh to achieve work goals set by the strategic plan for all three cemeteries
  • Restoration — We have restored and provided conservation work on individual historic monuments/stones with the assistance from descendants and historic groups
  • Membership Our members support our operations and many projects. All funds go to marketing for the cemeteries or restoration. Please donate and join today!
  • Marketing Materials — Walking tour maps to help promote heritage tourism in Raleigh. Our website also has a wealth of information including GIS maps, inventories, stories, and National Register and Local Register nomination documents. We have partnered with the City of Raleigh to create audio tours of O’Rorke Cemetery, Mt. Hope Cemetery and City Cemetery that you can find online and use your cell phone to tour these cemeteries at your pace.

Established in 2006, RCCP’s achievements include:

  • City Cemetery – National Register of Historic Places, 2008 — The nomination was achieved for City Cemetery, completed by M. Ruth Little, PhD, of Longleaf Historic Resources
  • Mt. Hope Cemetery on National Register of Historic Places, 2009 — The nomination achieved for this 34-acre African American cemetery, completed by Ruth Little
  • O’Rorke-Catholic Cemetery, 2010 — Local Raleigh Historic Landmark
  • Databases — We have published databases for City Cemetery, Mt. Hope Cemetery and O’Rorke-Catholic Cemetery on this website for online genealogy searches.
  • GIS Map of City Cemetery — Please see our GIS map and corresponding database of each grave site with existing markers here.
  • GIS Map of Mt. Hope Cemetery — We now have a GIS map for 1,500 graves in the historic section of Mt. Hope, which you can view here.

Please help us support these important projects!

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