Our goals include:

  • Strategic Plan– Working with the City of Raleigh to help implement the strategic plan for all three cemeteries
  • Restoration– Restoration and conservation work of individual historic monuments/ stones with assistance from families
  • Funding and Volunteer Services
  • Marketing Materials– plans include developing audio tours, walking tour maps to help promote heritage tourism in Raleigh

Established in 2006, we have made progress in accomplishing our goals. These include:

  • City Cemetery on National Register of Historic Places
    With the generous support of the Raleigh Historic Districts  Commission, the nomination for City Cemetery, completed by M. Ruth Little, Ph.D,. of Longleaf Historic Resources, was approved in 2008.
  •  Mt. Hope Cemetery on National Register of Historic Places – The nomination for this 34-acre African American cemetery ws completed by Ruth Little and placed on the register in January 2009. This process is important because:
    • Recognition for these historic properties in the City of Raleigh, and that they deserve awareness and care.
    • Status on the register opens possibilities, provides clout, and a sense of “quality” when competing for grants.
    • Historic cemeteries often face problems with stewardship. Family members die off or move and the cemeteries don’t have people attached to them. With no provision for perpetual care or maintenance, cemeteries tend to decline. The National Register nominations help create interest.
  • O’Rorke-Catholic Cemetery was named as a Raleigh Historic Landmark in 2010.
  • Developed databases. We have published databases for City Cemetery, Mt. Hope Cemetery and O’Rorke-Catholic Cemetery on line. Check this web site for on line genealogy searches. 
  • GIS Map of City Cemetery– Check this web site under Cemeteries to see our GIS map and corresponding database of each grave site with existing markers


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