To achieve our goals, we are actively raising funds.

Individual – $15
Students/Seniors – $10
Family – $25
Non Profit/Assoc. Organization – $50
Donors – $100
Patrons – $500
Life Members – $1000 and up

If you would like to join Raleigh City Cemeteries Preservation or donate money, please contact us at

Won’t you join us to assure the restoration and rehabilitation of these three cemeteries is a success?

Thank you for your support of our efforts in preservation of these city owned cemeteries.

Volunteer Services through City of Raleigh

The cemeteries contain fragile monuments and any work near them, or done by a historic preservation restoration expert, is supervised. Methods used follow US Secretary of Interior historic preservation and conservation guidelines.

As RCCP does not have the resources to manage volunteers at these city-owned historic sites, those wishing to volunteer may contact the City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources department, which oversees public historic cemeteries. The parks department has an extensive volunteer program and welcomes citizen participation. Please contact Rachel Van Noordt, Volunteer Services Coordinator, City of Raleigh, at 919-996-2193 or by email: